The Responsible Investment and Ownership Guide.

A tool for integrating ESG into the investment process

Welcome to the RIO Toolkit

This guide is designed to support the investment activities of pension funds and acts as a useful tool in developing the policies, procedures and protocols necessary to meet the regulatory obligations, including those set out in Regulation 28 of the Pension Fund Act.


What do we mean by ESG integrated investment?

The integration of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) considerations (and other relevant long-term economic risks and opportunities) into investment management processes and ownershippp practices in the belief that these factors can have an impact on financial performance..

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The 'Why', the 'What' and the 'How'

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How can we implement this? 

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What outcomes can we expect? 

Extensive and detailed on ESG topics and ESG investment strategies considers the context of Responsible Investing in terms of the real-world outcomes and impacts we are looking to achieve)


Using this tool will help you learn more about

  • Using ESG insights to help manage investment risks and returns, particularly over the long-term
  • Directly or through your fund manager, understand how to engage with investee companies on ESG issues of particular concern
  • Exercising the voting rights conferred by share ownership
  • Formalising these points through appropriate policies and service provider agreements
  • Collaborating with others to develop, share and promote best practice
  • Collaborating with others to engage with business and/or policy makers on strategic (macro) issues
  • Incorporating ESG thinking into strategic portfolio allocation
  • Building longer-term incentives into investment management agreements
  • Thematic investment in sectors such as infrastructure, sustainable energy etc.
  • The tool will also help you comply with the requirements of Regulation 28 and the FSCA Guidance Notice.

On which guidelines is the tool based?

This tool is anchored in both national and international regulation and guidance. It covers the requirements in Regulation 28 and the FSCA Guidance Note and it has also fully incorporated the more detailed guidance provided under the Code for Responsible Investment (CRISA) which is further reinforced and complimented by the King (IV) Report on Corporate Governance for SA, 2016 and its Supplement for Retirement Funds. The tool has also drawn significantly on international practice and lessons of experience available from the global investor network Principles for Responsible Investing (PRI).

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