What is the difference between PRI and CRISA?

Both the UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) and the Code for Responsible Investment in South Africa (CRISA) offer a set of principles according to which investors are encouraged to make investment decisions and based on which they are encouraged to communicate with their clients and the public regarding these decisions. The PRI is an […]

What are examples of E, S and G factors that influence Pension Investments

Although environmental, social and governance issues are often grouped under three separate headings, in reality they are closely connected and interdependent. Good governance provides the basis for managing environmental and social issues; and environmental problems can lead to social issues, and vice versa.   There is no universal standard list of ESG issues that must […]

I find the terminology and jargon confusing. What are the definitions?

You are not alone. It is useful to understand that different terms have evolved in different contexts to help explain the same set of practices.  Definition of Responsible Investing Sustainable Investment, Responsible Investment (RI) and ESG-integration can generally can be used interchangeably and generally imply the same meaning, however with some differences in viewpoints as […]

Is responsible investment the same as developmental investment

No. RI is still sometimes confused with developmental investment in national priorities such as infrastructure, social housing and job creation.   Responsible investment strategies might lead investors to focus on sectors that benefit society and the economy. However, it is not based on an expectation of fulfilling national economic development priorities, whether voluntary or mandatory, […]